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Heavy EM-EX LC

Heavy EM-EX LC is a booster sensitive explosive which belongs to the new generation of emulsion explosives. It is based on an ammonium nitrate solution, densely dispersed in a continuous oil phase, emulsifier and other ingredients. Because none of the ingredients is an explosive itself, Heavy EM-EX LC is very safe from the handling point of view compared to other explosives. Its water resistance is excellent and the products of detonation are free of toxic substances.

The unique chemical synthesis of Heavy EM-EX LC, does not cause headache or any other medical side effect to the user





Heavy EM-EX LC is a booster sensitive explosive that can be used as the main explosive for bottom and column charge in all types of blasting operations.

Its excellent water resistance and the high density makes Heavy EM-EX LC suitable for almost every blasting operation.


Heavy EM-EX LC is delivered in plastic film cartridges, packed in corrugated board cases of 25kg net weight.


Cartridge dimensions (mm) Cartridge weight(gr) Number of cartridges/box
65×420 2080 12
80×435 2780 9


Heavy EM-EX LC should be handled, stored and used according to the national laws and regulations. It should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place. Storage temperature between +5°C and +30°C is highly recommended. Storage up to +60°C is safe.

Provided that storage conditions are appropriate, it is recommended to use Heavy EM-EX LC within 6 months.

Product shelf life expansion can be verified after examined by the supplier.


Commercial Name: Heavy EM-EX LC

Technical Name: Explosive, blasting, type Ε

UN-number: 0241

Division/Compatibility Group: 1.1D


Additional information


1.22 – 1.35 g/cm3

Velocity of detonation

5.000 m/sec (VOD depends on application conditions, specifically explosive density, blasthole diameter and degree of confinement. 5% deviation is permitted to the above specifications)

Water Resistance


Permitted deviation to the above specifications